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What is biltong?

Biltong originated from South Africa and it is a cured and air-dried beef delicacy. Biltong is similar to Beef Jerky in that it is made from Beef and it is dried, but Biltong differs in the drying process, ingredients, consistency and most importantly - the taste. It's no wonder that our clients simply cannot get enough of our Biltong. 

Our Biltong is a great “ready to eat” snack solution and is perfect for a post workout snack, hiking trips, added to your cooking, picnics, cheese platters, kid’s lunch boxes and of course, an accompaniment to watching your favourite Canadian sports team.

Our Biltong is made from Local Ontario Beef. It is a High Protein, Low Fat, Gluten Free and Preservative Free snack!

What is the difference between Jerky and Biltong?

Biltong is air dried, whilst jerky is baked and or smoked with flavours. Jerky is also traditionally allot thinner and drier than biltong, with biltong being more moist. As Biltong is air dried, all the enzymes in the meat are intact and living, which is good for you! Biltong's main drying process involves; spices, salt and vinegar. When jerky is made vinegar does not generally get used. Biltong takes approximately 7-12 days to dehydrate and will loose up to 50-60% of moisture, keeping all the vitamins, iron and mineral content. Whereas jerky can be dried in around 6-12 hours by baking in an oven, smoker or a dehydrator. Jerky is normally seasoned with a marinade or rub (spice blend) then sliced and dried.